How Do I Start Vaping?

How Do I Start Vaping?

OK, so you want to quit smoking and start vaping.

Most people start vaping as a way to quit smoking and are looking for a way to satisfy the craving for nicotine so we will look at this first.
You'll need to determine what type of smoker you are. Are you a light smoker or social smoker? Maybe just a few cigarettes a day whilst socialising with friends over a beer or glass of wine. Or maybe you're a regular smoker? Most people will probably fall into this category. Regular smokers usually smoke roughly one packet of cigarettes a day, I was a regular smoker when I started vaping. The last category is heavy smokers, people who regularly smoke two or more packets a day.
Once you've determined which bracket you fall into, you can choose what type of liquid and device will best suit you. For example, a regular smoker should consider using e-liquids with a nicotine content in the range of 12mg or even 18mg and a nic salt liquid with a nicotine content of 20mg. However, if you regularly smoked lighter or menthol cigarettes you may be better off starting with a slightly lower nicotine content of 6mg or 12mg.

  • Light or social smoker - 3mg to 6mg e-liquids or 10mg Nic Salts
  • Regular smoker - 12mg e-liquid or 20mg Nic Salts
  • Heavy smoker - 18mg e-liquid or 20mg Nic Salts

What are Nic Salts?

Most people have heard of e-liquids. E-liquids or vape liquids, or even vape juice is the most common, also known as 'freebase' nicotine liquid. This form of nicotine is most commonly found in cigarettes. It's produced via a chemical process to increase its potency to achieve a required strength. Standard e-liquids consist of three common ingredients to which the flavour is added. These ingredients, in TPD compliant liquids, are VG and PG (Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol) which are approved additives used in the food industry which are blended to give a range of different PG: VG ratios. E.g. 50:50 or 70:30 which gives the liquid a thicker or thinner consistency for use in different types of devices. The most common blend is a 50:50 ratio VG: PG as this can be used in a larger range of devices. The blend will also affect the vaping experience, as to whether you get a smoother throat hit or a stronger throat hit, too strong a throat hit is what will make you cough.
Once these two ingredients have been blended, the desired amount of nicotine is then added. The final process is to add different flavours. Flavouring usually makes up about 10% of the juice volume.

Nic salts are nicotine in its purest form, as it naturally occurs in the tobacco leaf. It is relatively new in the production of vaping liquids and is considered to be a more stable form of nicotine. Nic salt liquids are made in the same way as standard freebase e-liquids using the same two core ingredients, PG and VG to blend with the nicotine salts. Nicotine salts are different from freebase nicotine salt and require a slightly higher temperature to allow them to be vaped and therefore require different coils to vaping standard e-liquids. Not all vape devices can use nic salts, however, most vape starter kits offer a choice of both higher and lower resistance coils or will come ready filled with nic salt liquids and an appropriate coil. For example the Gusto Mini AIO kit.

Why are Nic Salts considered better for first-time vapers?

Nic salts are very popular with people vaping for the first time for two reasons, firstly, nic salts provide a higher level of nicotine which is absorbed into the body quicker than the standard freebase nicotine liquid. Secondly, despite being stronger it provides a smoother throat hit similar to smoking a cigarette. It also offers a better vaping experience when vaping mouth to lung, or what's commonly known as MTL vaping. This takes us onto the next question.

What is MTL vaping?

Have you ever thought about how you smoke? No, you probably haven't, most people just smoke out of habit without even thinking about it. Consider it for a minute, most people when they smoke a cigarette, draw on the cigarette and inhale the smoke by firstly sucking it into their mouth and then drawing it from their mouth into their lungs, hence the term Mouth-to-Lung. Very few smokers will take a deep breath and suck the smoke directly into their lungs. If they did, it would probably make them cough. This kind of vaping is known as DL or Direct-to Lung vaping.

Ok, so to summarise, how do I start vaping?

  • Consider the type of smoker you are, light, regular or heavy.
  • Choose the nicotine strength that may best suit you, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg e-liquids or 10mg or 20mg nic salts.
  • Decide whether you are going to try standard E-liquids or Nic Salts.
  • Choose your device based on the decisions above. Most would start with an MTL device.
  • Select a device that ticks all those boxes, maybe it's a vape pod device or AIO vape device for ease of use and convenience, or a vape pen that's stylish and discreet though just as easy to use.
  • Finally, what flavour e-liquid or nic salt? Some people like to experiment straight away and try fruity or other exotic flavours, others may prefer to stick with something that they're familiar with like a tobacco flavour or menthol flavour.

Which vape specialise in providing a range of vape starter kits to suit new vapers, a regular smoker using a 12mg or 18mg e-liquid or a 20mg nic salt in an MTL vape device would find a large choice of vape starter kits recommend for first-time vapers. We aim to provide as much information as possible on each device to aid you in making the correct choice.

How much does a vape starter kit cost?

That will depend on the type of device that you want. Our vape starter kits are available from as little at £10.00 for the Logic Compact which is a vape stick pod device designed for people vaping for the first time. It uses pre-filled pods that are easy to change and are available in a range of popular flavours with a 12mg nicotine strength. The Logic Compact is a low-cost entry-level device that is perfect for first-time vapers who are not sure and don't want to invest a lot of money on something that may not be for them.

If you're looking for a traditional vape device like a cig-alike or vape pen device which is probably the biggest selling type of vape device, you might consider buying the Logic Pro vape pen which uses pre-filled capsules available in a range of different flavours with a choice of 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths. Similar to the Logic Pro is the Logic LQD Vape Pen at £20.00 which instead of the pre-filled capsules has a refillable tank allowing you to use a wider range of standard e-liquids.

The cheapest AIO or all-in-one device currently available at Which Vape is the Aspire Gusto Mini AIO Kit which is available from £19.99. This small and compact vape uses easy-change pods that are pre-filled with a high-quality 20mg Nic Salt Liquid from Element Liquids in a range of popular flavours including Tobacco and Menthol flavours. 

The cheapest vape starter kit for use with Nic salts that we would highly recommend is the E-Roll Mac Simple Kit from Joyetech, at only £12.99 this vape device, which despite its impressively small size is a high-quality vape pen with big features which can use both nic salt liquids and traditional e-liquids. 

Other popular devices for first time vapers are Pod Vape Kits, similar to AIO devices, they consist of a battery and a refillable pod which a fixed or replaceable coil. Many pod vape devices offer a choice of coils for either standard e-liquids or nic salts and MTL or DL vaping. Vape pod kits again are designed to be easy to use with some offering 'draw activation' as opposed to clicking a button to vape. They are extremely compact, usually smaller than a pack of cigarettes and very stylish in a range of popular colours. One vape pod device that ticks all the boxes is the Aspire Tigon AIO Pod device at £29.99. Also in the Aspire vape pod range are the hugely popular Breeze 2 at £24.99 and the  Nautilus AIO pod vape at £26.99.

For those with a slightly larger budget, we'd recommend the award-winning Endura T18II vape pen from Innokin. Starting at just £29.99 this vape pen has won many awards in numerous categories including 'best vape pen' and 'best vape starter kit'. This vape device ticks all the boxes for being stylish, easy to use, and packed with a range of features making it suitable for MTL or DL vaping and can use with both nic salt liquids and standard e-liquids. The easy to use top-fill tank and range of coils available will allow you to experience a whole range of different liquids and vaping styles. A real favourite with first-time vapers and experienced vapers.

This is just a few of the top quality, award-winning vape kits available from Which Vape. You can find our full range of recommended vape starter kits here.

Should I buy a vape starter kit bundle?

We would highly recommend looking at our vape starter kit bundles. Why? Because our vape starter kit bundles include everything that you need, a vape device bundled with best liquids that we recommend for that particular device making the choice easier for you. Our bundles are a great starting point that will allow you to start vaping with the minimum of fuss. To make your decision even easier, we've also added great savings of up to 30% off when you buy a vape starter kit and liquids bundled together. You can find our range of vape starter kit bundles here. Also when you browse our various vape kits you'll find links to our vape bundles on qualifying devices.

Choose to quit smoking today with a quality vape starter kit.