Quit Smoking Timeline

Quit Smoking Timeline

What happens when you quit smoking?

When you quit smoking you will be surprised at how quickly you can start to notice the changes. Here is a breakdown of the positive changes and when they will happen.

After 20 Minutes

Yes, that's correct. Within twenty minutes of quitting you will start to notice a change in your pulse rate. It will start to return to normal.

After 8 Hours

Within 8 hours your oxygen levels will start to increase, and the carbon monoxide levels in your blood will have halved.

After 48 Hours

All carbon monoxide will have been flushed from your system. Your lungs will have started clearing out harmful mucus, and your sense of taste and smell will start improving.

After 72 Hours

Your bronchial tubes will have started to relax, making breathing easier. You will also notice that your energy levels will have started to increase.

After 2 To 12 Weeks

Your circulation will have improved making it easier for your blood to be pumped through your heart and muscles. Making it easier to exercise.

After 3 To 9 Months

You will notice that any coughing, wheezing and breathing problems will be improving due to lung function increases by 10%.

After 1 Year

Your risk of having a heart attack is now halved compared to a regular smoker.

After 10 Years

You have halved the risk of lung cancer compared to when you used to smoke.

Did you Know?

E-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking cigarettes and can help you quit.