Vaping And The Home Office Space

Vaping And The Home Office Space

The most important, items in my home-office are my vape and the coffee machine. These two items mean that I can set a realistic timetable to balance work and home life. I can now control how long my breaks are, and when to spend time away from my office space.

The recent pandemic has seen much of the country enforce 'lockdown' restrictions forcing many companies to encourage their employees to work from home.

Working from home can be very challenging at first, requiring discipline and motivation on a personal level. I know, I've been doing it for over two years, since I decided to start my own business Which Vape Ltd from home.

The biggest challenge is allocating time and space to work, away from distractions, especially if you have a family or live in a hectic environment. 

Trying to establish a balance between work and life is more difficult when you're working from home, they're no longer separated by distance. So you'll need to distance them mentally. The easiest way to start is to find somewhere quiet to work, where you can distance yourself from the distractions of home life. Strange as it may seem, I like to work with the TV on in the background, after all, most offices aren't quiet. Just position it where you can't watch it while you're working. 

Another is to set aside time to interact with other members of your home. Children don't always understand why you've shut them out, or why you have to work at home.

If you're a smoker, you probably have rules about not smoking in the house. Not a problem if you consider that you can't smoke in the office at work. The issue is that as soon as you leave your home office environment, you're now in your home space with all its distractions. That 10-minute break can turn into 30 minutes or longer.

So what do you do? Do you break your rules and smoke in the house? Not a solution if you have young children or a partner who doesn't like smoking.

Now is the perfect time to consider Vaping as an alternative. Vaping has been proven not to have any adverse effects in light of COVID-19. Many health organisations have advised that smokers are more at risk and should consider quitting. Vaping is the perfect alternative when working from home. Vaping in your home-office environment will allow you to maintain your work discipline, taking shorter breaks while you work, without distraction.

Which vape is best for use at home? If you're going to use this time to quit smoking, we'd recommend a device that is capable of using, both nic salts and higher nicotine level e-liquids. These offer a better chance of success for first-time vapers. I find a more discreet vape, one that produces fewer clouds is better suited for a smaller space. And likely to be approved of by other members of the household.

Which Vape Ltd recommend a range of discreet vapes that are perfect for your home office space. Vapes, like the Jac Vapour VIM, the Aspire K1 Stealth, or the Roll MAC by Joyetech are small, compact, and offer a choice of MTL or DL vaping.