Dinner Lady

A range of the best flavours available from Dinner Lady Vape including the award-winning Lemon Tart flavour liquid available in 10ml 50:50 e-liquid in 6mg and 12mg strengths, and 10mg or 20mg nic salts. Based in the UK Dinner Lady Vape is one of the best vape liquid brands on the market today. Available flavour categories include fruits, sweets, tobacco, menthol, ice and award-winning desserts.

Based in Blackburn, just down the road from Which Vape Ltd, Vape Dinner Lady has achieved recognition as one of the top UK vape liquid brands. Since starting they have won numerous prestigious national and international awards. Vape Dinner Lady e-liquids are sold in 96 countries around the globe and have achieved a strong and passionate following of loyal customers. As an official stockist, we're happy to sell Vape Dinner Lady products because of their high quality and a great range of flavourful e-liquids.

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