Flavour Shots

Flavour Shots

DIY Flavour Shots... As Easy As Making Coffee

Simply add nicotine and PG / VG base liquids to achieve your desired vaping experience. A range of delicious pre-mixed flavour shot recipes for budget-conscious vapers. Made from the highest quality food-grade flavourings to ensure every vape tastes as good as the last. What could be easier?

E-liquid Flavour Shots That Hit The Target

Flavour Shots, also known as One-Shots, come in handy 120ml or 250ml bottles containing your favourite pre-blended recipes. The recipes are ready mixed to the correct portions in a bottle ready for you to add your desired amount of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and/or Nicotine to fill the bottle to the required level. 

This is an e-liquid concentrate and is not ready to vape.

Save when you buy your base liquids, VG or PG, nicotine shots and bottles with your favourite flavour shot.