Flavour Concentrates

Flavour Concentrates

Mix your own

High-quality e-liquid flavour concentrates from top brands, ideal for mixing your own vape liquids. Make your own e-liquids at home using your favourite vape recipes from top brands like Dinner Lady and I Vape Great. A real cocktail of flavours to take your vaping experience to the next level.

Concentrate on the flavour

A range of delicious flavour concentrates perfectly blended from the highest quality ingredients in handy 30mil sizes ready to add to your own recipe for a personally tailored vape. Some concentrates consist entirely of PG, a thin and odourless liquid that is a great medium to store flavours and provide a premium taste to your DIY E-Liquid. For best results, we suggest following the recommended percentages for the mix ratio. You then have the option to add either a Nicotine or a CBD Boost shot to complete your customised vape juice.

E.g. A 30ml bottle with a 20% mix ratio would allow you to make 150ml of vape liquid. ( 15x 10ml bottles )

150ml 50/50 18mgml
Nicotine Base 50VG / 50PG 18mg15ml ( 1.5 10ml shots )
Flavour Shot ( PG base)30ml ( 20% )
100VG Base Mix73ml ( approx )
100PG Base Mix32ml ( approx )