Discover our range of Menthol flavoured e-liquids and nic salts. With the government ban of the sale of menthol flavour cigarettes now is the perfect time to switch to vaping. Enjoy our range of cool menthol and mint flavoured e-liquids from top brands. Switch to vaping and enjoy the taste of menthol vaping.

As of 20/05/2020 the UK has banned the sale of both menthol, flavoured and slim cigarettes. This is part of the government's effort to prevent young people from smoking and to reduce the number of people using menthol cigarettes as a gateway to smoking. The ban also includes filters, papers, capsules that contain menthol or other flavours, for use with rolling tobacco.

If you're an existing smoker who prefers flavoured or menthol cigarettes, we advise switching to vaping which can also aid in your effort to quit smoking whilst providing a range of menthol and other flavours.

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